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The world's leading provider in penny auction software. Founded in 2000, Softmedia is a trusted provider with clients in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Software Features:

Reliable penny
auction engine
Effective start-up
Attract as many customers as you can – the software will process all requests smoothly.
You are buying a ready-made, fully tested and bug-free penny auction software product, that is ready for
launch within days.
100% custom design Experienced post-launch support
HTML and CSS files are open – your webmaster can change layout and you can add new pages any time you need to. Having launched several successful penny auctions and also having seen many failed launches we will effectively support you at every step.

More penny auction
software features

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Please rate how satisfied are you with Softmedia penny auction software?

penny auction software

"I think the software is good."
"The software is working great."
"It s a solid and powerfull software."
"Professional program with many options and variations."
"It worked from the outset and is constantly developing."
Question: Please rate how satisfied are you with Softmedia technical support and penny auction software maintenance?


Penny auction

"There are issues like with all SW, but support resolves them quickly."
"In case of emergency Softmedia have always been very helpful also at weekends “if necessary which means a lot to me."
"They are always there for you, day or night and also they are very patience with all desires and questions."

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