Softmedia Business Model

Softmedia's business model is centered on the continual development of market-leading software products, and built upon strong partnerships with our licensees/partners.

B2B provider only:
  • Software setup and support pricing model adjusts the interests of Softmedia and partners;
  • Avoids conflicts of interests with partners.

Market-leading technology:
  • Continually developing the best tools  to meet  partners' needs and expectations;
  • Product suite supported by advanced analytics for end-to-end management of operations;
  • Softmedia has tools for serving thousands of customers simultaneously at one server or unlimited number of simultaneous customers at cluster of servers. We provide these tools to our customers when necessary.

Comprehensive product offering:
  • Complete, best-of-breed options, including the industry's newest trends;
  • Our platform delivers several types of entertaining auctions and games, with new releases regularly.

Continual innovation and flexibility:
  • One of the most experienced teams in the industry;
  • Regular releases and upgrades match the pace of change and demand for a dynamic customer experience;
  • Linked web and mobile channels for enhanced retention and maximum cross-selling opportunities.


Please check a feedback from our customers.

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